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Boiler 0.5mm
This lightweight heater shirt may be thinner than the Boiler 2.0 mm, but it is still heavy on great construction features. Available in red, blue and pewter.

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Cobra Ski & Board in Australia

Cobra Ski & Board is an innovative water ski and wakeboard retail business with vast experience... [+]

KSO and Team Vortex Wetsuits

Keith St. Onge is officially a new member of Team Vortex Wetsuits.... [+]

2006 World Barefoot Championships

Jody Sherwood skied the tournament of her life at the 2006 World Barefoot Championships in Adna, Washington [+]

Featured Athlete

David Small
David is a two time World champion who trains in his homeland UK. Despite battling short seasons, David is seen as the future of Vortex Wetsuits.

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